fresh aire ceilidh band musician 1

Eileen - Accordion

Eileen has been playing for barn dances and ceilidhs around the South West for longer than she cares to remember! Although playing mainly Irish music with Fresh Aire, she also has experience of playing for English and other folk dance styles. Eileen regularly deps with a number of other barn dance bands and has also been involved with teacher training and schools projects with Folk South West.

fresh aire ceilidh band musician 2

Mike - Irish Flute / Whistles / Low Whistle / Lowland Pipes / Melodeon

Mike works to minimise noise in the daytime and creates it in the night time! He is self-taught on drums, guitar, whistle, flute and bagpipes and has been involved with traditional music and dance since 1982. When not with Fresh Aire, Mike also plays with the P’hogue’s tribute band.

fresh aire ceilidh band musician 3

Graham - Bodhran / Our Sometime Caller

Graham feels he has been playing the Bodhran since time immemorial. You can also find him calling the dances from time to time. As the link between the dancers and the band, Graham believes that it is important that first time dancers and 'those that have done it before' experience and enjoyable event for all ages and leave with an evening to remember.

fresh aire ceilidh band musician 4

Ali - Our Usual Caller

We asked Ali to join us as our regular caller about 4 years ago. She’s proved to be a great asset to the band, showing great patience and skill especially with those first timers who find the most difficult step is the one into the dance floor.